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I help Black womxn break free from generational cycles and design their most liberated lives in weeks.

hello, game changer !

You are a boss in your workplace, a leader in your community and the badass friend that everyone admires and comes to for support. 
What the world can't see is that behind that smile and dynamic personality you are secretly carrying generational cycles that are keeping you stuck in old patterns and habits.

You're ready to break free and tap fully into your power so that you can show up with confidence and clarity in every area of your life. 


breaking free

the cycle ends with you.

For most of your life, you witnessed your family members and loved ones repeat patterns and habits that did not serve them. 

You saw how their inability to take care of themselves, set boundaries, seek support and advocate for their needs kept them in cycles of depletion, shame and resentment. You know for sure that you don't want to repeat those patterns and habits.


(1) The High-Achiever: Your perfectionism and fear of failure robs you of your peace. No matter what you do, it feels like it's never enough.

(2) The Martyr: You put everyone else before you and don't know how to care for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish.

(3) The Worrier: Anxiety rules your life and leaves you feeling afraid and unable to live in the present moment.

(4) The Loner: You try to do everything on your own and struggle to trust anyone because you expect disappointment and fear vulnerability.

(5) The Second-Guesser: You constantly change your mind, seek external validation and feel stuck because you lack clarity and confidence.

You are ready to break free from these generational cycles and start living a life that feels good to YOU.

you deserve to be celebrated.

You've been mentally beating yourself up.

You spend so much time striving for perfection and showing up for other people that you rarely take time to celebrate how much work you've already done. 

You have some clarity around the habits that you want to integrate into your life. You know some of the things that you value. You have some awareness of what needs to be healed.

Now, you need someone who will not just help you identify what needs to be healed, but provide you with concrete action steps and practical tools to disrupt old patterns, step into your authentic power, set and honor your boundaries and make room for the things that truly light you up. 

Sis, you're in the right place.

the breakthrough process (a.u.r.a.)

In this coaching container, Black womxn have a safe space to be their authentic selves, be held and celebrated and... 

identify and ADDRESS the generational cycle holding them back from living their most liberated life.

gently UNRAVEL and get to the root of where that generational cycle came from.

RELEASE the generational cycle to make room for ease and joy and dream up a life that aligns with their values, needs and deepest desires.

ACTIVATE their authentic power and agency to design a personalized game plan with clear action steps to aligning their lives with their values, needs and deepest desires.

your life can change.

how is this possible?

When Black womxn have a sacred space where they can be completely themselves, be seen and celebrated by another Black womxn and have access to insights and tools that work...

life transformation happens in weeks!

Here are the tools that work...

(1) breathwork and creative visualization

(2) intuitive and narrative-based counseling

(3) connection to ancestral and spiritual guidance

(4) self-celebration, accountability and space to practice and embody new habits

(5) the loving support and strategy of a dynamic, Black womxn coach who has now broken free from seven (and counting) generational cycles

Hear how these tools are transforming the lives of other Black womxn and change makers!

Cristina's Life Transformation


"Working with Keonna was the final push I needed to step into my authentic self. She helped me realize that the confident and calm version of me already exists and is always present (when we did the portal visualization in the first session). She helped me clarify my values and helped me apply the same freedom I find in art to my day-to-day life. I don't feel afraid of life anymore because I know what's important to me and what I need to do to feel good. I feel like I am finally honoring what I want instead of just accepting what I was taught. I think calling my self-care habits "celebrations" helped me see things that way and makes me feel excited to love myself. Keonna's loving and supportive voice and her words of affirmation were especially comforting as I internalized all of these realizations. What exceeded my expectations was how I was able to reach this point without having to dig up and analyze and rehash old stories and traumas. I love that Keonna helped me focus more on what serves me and what I can celebrate, and not just on what triggers me. I would tell another Black womxn/change maker that participating in this program is an act of self-love, a gift to yourself that will keep giving gifts."

Aisha's Life Transformation









client transformations

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Mia Thomas

"Thank you so much for helping me along my self love journey. I have learned so much from you. You have helped me change and reframe my thinking and words that has made so many aspects of my life easier. Your support has allowed me to see things in myself that I have not previously seen, and you helped me unlock the capabilities I had, when I was previously too afraid to act. Thank you for listening to me and imparting your knowledge and wisdom that has literally transformed the way I view myself and the love I deserve. I appreciate you so much! Thank you always!"

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Dr. Letisha Brown

I was searching for a way to continue my journey toward personal growth and development. A way to focus on myself, practice self-care, rebuild my relationship with my inner child, heal, and move forward. Healing With Keonna, provided me with that space. Both in individual sessions and group meditation spaces, I found myself doing the necessary work with Keonna through breathing, visualizations, and other exercises that pushed me in the best ways. I have felt myself grow, open up to opportunities and possibilities that didn't feel achievable before, but that I can now clearly envision as my own. I am beyond grateful to Keonna for her energy, openness, and care. This has truly been a transformative experience.

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Dr. Sherell McArthur

"It was phenomenal! The healing journey is not cyclical, and even knowing that, I wasn’t anticipating going through it during our time. I was simply hoping for an opportunity to practice breathwork and meditation. I got so much more than that. You embody the practice. You bring peace to the session. It was an absolute pleasure spending that time with you each week and I appreciate how you consistently affirmed me throughout the process.


I appreciate your being you!"

when you say "yes". . .

francine said "yes" to her breakthrough.

Here's how she's grown since starting coaching with me.

mayra said "yes" to her breakthrough.

Hear about her life-changing results.

"In the summer of 2022, I turned 30 and as a young mom and business owner, I didn’t know what I wanted out of my career or my life. I needed someone to guide me to figure out my path in the similar way I help my clients with reaching their goals. Keonna gave me concrete tools and assignments to help me figure out what my priorities are. I got clarity around things I used to doubt or overthink. I am now able to communicate better with my husband and business partner and I feel more equipped to teach my 2 year old daughter about expressing her emotions and her power and so much more. If you’re not sure if you should make the investment, do it. Trust me you will see a huge return on your investment if you are committed to your journey of healing and growing. I will forever be grateful for the clarity and peace of mind that I got from working with Keonna."

Are you ready to reclaim your clarity and peace of mind now?

ready to get started?

what's next?

  1. Complete the coaching application

  2. If accepted, schedule a complimentary discovery call and schedule your coaching sessions 

  3. Gain access to a pre-recorded guided meditation and Breakthrough Planner

  4. Get started on your journey toward living out your most liberated, fulfilled life

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