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My name is Keonna Knight and I am a courage coach, speaker and the CEO of Heal with Keonna. Through my business, Heal with Keonna, I teach Black women and change makers how to heal and build a bold + balanced life. My journey into this work began in 2019 when I was a classroom teacher in East Oakland. A few months into the job, I found myself completely overwhelmed and burnt out by the demands of being an educator. When I recognized that there were very few resources and spaces dedicated to helping teachers and community leaders take care of themselves, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program and started coaching and creating my own tools for well-being. By the end of the school year, I noticed a drastic change in my energy levels and capacity to show up for myself and my community. I started sharing the insights and tools that I created with my students and colleagues and soon enough, began holding space for community leaders at national conferences and schools across the district.


Today, Heal with Keonna has helped over 1500 Black women and change makers heal and take up space in their personal and professional lives. We have developed our own unique courage coaching framework, well-being workshops and community programming to make healing feel more accessible to our community. I have also spoken at several universities and national conferences, as well as, facilitated my signature well-being workshop at over 20 organizations across the country.

I pride myself on developing practical tools and community-centered programming that centers the needs and experiences of Black women and change makers. In addition to sharing my own journey into healing and wellness, I utilize my Master's degree in Counselor Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from The Pennsylvania State University, and yoga teacher training certification to share practical and proven ways to heal and care for ourselves while we pour into our communities.

When I am not coaching or speaking, you will likely find me taking a nap in my hammock, spending quality time with my family and friends or dancing around my apartment to Beyonce's "Power".

My journey

Elementary School Teacher in Oakland, California 

2018 (During Teacher Strike)

Yoga Instructor, Wellness Educator & Mindfulness Guide


Self-Healer & Recipient of Divine Guidance + Support


Courage Coach & Wellness Educator


Courage Coach, Wellness Educator & Counselor-in-Training


Courage Coach & Speaker


While an undergraduate student at Penn State University, I was confident that my calling was to be a classroom teacher and social change agent within the public school system. When I entered the classroom, I quickly realized that there were several barriers keeping my scholars from being able to be fully present in school. To add on to this, the demands of teaching were weighing heavily on my mind and spirit. 

With hopes to find wellness for myself and gain tools for my scholars, I journeyed deeper into the realm of wellness and enrolled in the Breathe for Change 200-hr yoga teacher training program. 


This experienced changed the trajectory of my life.


In one year, I went from being nearly burnt out to leading weekly yoga classes for my scholars, designing creative curriculum rooted in ancestral wisdom and mindfulness, and facilitating wellness workshops for my colleagues. After witnessing the impact these experiences had on my community, I realized that my true calling was not to just cultivate space for learning, but to support my community and fellow change makers in their healing and wellness journeys as well. I decided then to start my own wellness business. In my first year of business, I designed and facilitated yoga and mindfulness programming for youth within Richmond Public Schools and local Boys & Girls Clubs. I also had the opportunity to lead wellness workshops and trainings at educational institutions, organizations and conferences, including Teach for America, Virginia Commonwealth University's Summer Learning Academy and The Teacher Self-Care Conference.

One year after starting my business, my Granny passed away from COVID-19. When she became an ancestor, I felt her spirit tell me to slow down and take time to heal. She was someone who always put other people before her. I realized that I had inherited this generational cycle of sacrificing my own well-being and desires for others. She gave me permission to break free from this cycle and prioritize my own wellness and rest. I took a 10-month sabbatical to grieve, heal and dream. I left my career as a schoolteacher, started coaching myself, going to therapy, releasing relationships and recommitting to the practices that set me free.

After diving deep into my own journey of healing and breaking generational cycles, once again, my life completely changed. I learned how to design a life that centered both my purpose and my wellness. I felt my Granny's spirit then tell me to start sharing what I learned with other Black womxn. This is when I began offering liberation coaching and healing meditations for Black womxn who were ready to break generational cycles and design their lives to center their wellness, healing and liberation.

Since then, I have facilitated transformative coaching programs for Black womxn (including The Breakthrough, a 21-day coaching program), community-centered wellness + healing experiences across the country, and workshops + trainings for several organizations, institutions and conferences including The Teacher's College at Columbia University, Penn State's College of Education, Academics 4 Black Lives Conference and Peter Paul Development Center.


During this time, I also pursued a master's degree in Counselor Education to increase my capacity to support change makers and communities on their healing and learning journeys. I partnered with non-profit organizations to provide free counseling and wellness services to families with limited access to mental health and wellness services.

I have completed my master's degree in Counselor Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and I am free! I spend my days coaching Black women and change makers, facilitating well-being workshops for educational institutions and non-profits and taking the most delicious naps when my body calls for it. I am living out my ancestors wildest dreams as a full-time entrepreneur and coach. I want the same for you. Click here to work with me.

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