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corporatE wellness

Our signature well-being workshop helps staff and leaders reconnect to their needs, prioritize their well-being and achieve a healthier work-life balance.


Why is this important? ​

According to the American Psychological Association:

  • Workplace stress remains at a concerning level, with 77% of workers having reported experiencing work-related stress in the last month.

  • More than two in five adults (44%) said they don’t feel anyone understands what they are going through, and nearly half (47%) said they wish they had someone to help them manage their stress.

  • Survey data showed that only 29% of workers reported that their employer offers a culture where managers encourage employees to take care of their mental health.

Workplaces and communities need to create space for staff and leaders to feel seen, supported and equipped to reduce stress levels and increase work-life balance.

How do we support staff and leaders?​

We create space for:

  • Staff and leaders to increase their awareness of current stress levels, needs and systemic barriers to well-being.

  • Staff and leaders to create a personalized wellness plan to reduce stress levels, achieve a healthier work-life balance and improve overall well-being.

  • Authentic team building, honest accountability and celebration.

  • Staff and leaders to collaboratively create a culture of wellness within their workplace and communities.


What can you expect?​


Our signature Well-Being Workshop includes:

  • Consultation Call: We offer a complimentary consultation call to personalize our signature Well-Being Workshop to meet your staff and leaders where they are.

  • Needs Assessment: We send out a survey to staff and leaders to better understand their stress levels, needs and awareness of tools and resources available to them.

  • Workshop: We facilitate (1) two hour workshop or (3) one hour workshops to provide direct support to staff and leaders.

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"Keonna is an exceptional facilitator who partners with your teachers in a process of reflection to identify potential triggers before they happen and self-care strategies before they are needed."

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"I once read a statistic that claimed teachers make more decisions in a day than any profession second to air traffic controllers. With that demand, it is no wonder that teacher burnout results in thousands of teachers leaving the profession each year. That is where Heal with Keonna comes in. Keonna is an exceptional facilitator who partners with your teachers in a process of reflection to identify potential triggers before they happen and self-care strategies before they are needed. She also positions teachers to gently hold each other accountable creating a collective of self-care. I highly recommend Heal with Keonna for any and all school communities."

Ashlee Gutierrez, Caliber Beta Academy Founding Principal

“The training was very personal to what caregivers do & Keonna is very easy to connect with. I envision our agency taking the skills we learned to help our caregivers have time for themselves & check in with them more for things they listed they would like accountability with.”

Brandi Friday, Director of Longterm Services & Supports

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past clients & partners

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