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Keonna Knight

Liberation Coach, Counselor & RYT-200

Making healing and well-being accessible to Black women and community leaders

my approach

Community Healing

Providing high-quality, culturally relevant healing meditations, workshops and mindful breathing sessions to promote collective healing and mental health

"I attended the meditation group Monday evening and it was such an AMAZING end of the day/ start of the week! I hopped on the meeting late, however I could IMMEDIATELY feel the gentle yet powerful energy that allowed me to settle in and become one with the group as if I was there from the beginning! The facilitators spirit was POWERFUL! I’m looking forward to attending more classes in the near future. My soul NEEDS this, we as black women NEED this, our community as a whole NEEDS this!! Thank you again for creating a space for such a soul touching experience to be shared with fellow sisters! Much love and peace!"

- Armoni Johnson, Elementary School Site Coordinator

Leadership Training

Helping institutions and organizations integrate wellness into the culture of their communities

Teaching educators how to cultivate decolonized, liberated learning spaces

"I once read a statistic that claimed teachers make more decisions in a day than any profession second to air traffic controllers. With that demand, it is no wonder that teacher burnout results in thousands of teachers leaving the profession each year. That is where Heal with Keonna comes in. Keonna is an exceptional facilitator who partners with your teachers in a process of reflection to identify potential triggers before they happen and self-care strategies before they are needed. She also positions teachers to gently hold each other accountable creating a collective of self-care. I highly recommend Heal with Keonna for any and all school communities."

- Ashlee Gutierrez, Founding Principal at Caliber Beta Academy Upper School

Liberation Coaching

Helping Black women, helping professionals and community leaders heal and radically care for themselves while caring for others. 

"Keonna always created a space where I felt heard and valued. And Keonna allowed for me to explore past experiences that often informs how I view the world today, interact with people, and see myself. I was able to identify my needs as well as create and sustain boundaries - gently. Even after spending time with Keonna, I continue to reflect, practice mindfulness and breathing, and maintain and sustain boundaries - gently... I would tell another Black womxn/change maker - It's OK to put yourself first! And if putting yourself first feels selfish or if you believe that there is not enough time to do it, spend sometime with Keonna and you will learn that putting yourself first provides "spaciousness" to value your needs, your dreams, and your desires.”


- Dr. Dana Gathers

Assistant Professor of Education, Marist College

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