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Villain Era? How to Say "No" and Mean It

Villain Era? How to Say "No" and Mean It


You know what's really spooky? A life where you are constantly ignoring your needs and saying "yes" to everything to "keep the peace". This class is designed to empower you with the skills and confidence to assertively say "no" and mean it.


During this 90-minute class, our expert facilitator, Keonna Knight, will share how her shift from chronic people pleaser to confident boundary setter helped her to build healthy, mutually beneficial relationships, create a career that centers her authentic self and needs and (in the words of Maxine Waters) RECLAIM HER TIME. In this class, Keonna uses both her personal experience as well as her training as a therapist and mindfulness instructor to help participants start saying "no" with more ease and less guilt.


Whether you are an entrepreneur who has a hard time setting boundaries with your clients or a person who constantly overextends themselves for family and friends, this class is for you! 

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