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Feeling paralyzed by fear?


During this live replay, our expert facilitator, Keonna Knight, shares how her shift from fear to faith helped her to transition from classroom teaching to full-time entrepreneurship, say "yes" to love after great loss and take the leap to solo travel across the world.


In this 90-minute class, Keonna uses storytelling, creative visualization, journaling prompts and real-life examples to help participants:


(1) Reconnect to what they deeply desire and need

(2) Face their fears and start moving in faith

(3) Build a game plan (statement, story, systems and support) to create a life they love


This workshop is for bold people who have shrunken themselves for too long. Ready to face your fears and start saying "YES" to living? Purchase this live replay to receive access to the class and presentation slides with everything you need.

From Fear to Faith: How to Say "Yes" to Living

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