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From Fear to Faith: How to Say "Yes" to Living

From Fear to Faith: How to Say "Yes" to Living


Tired of living in your comfort zone? In a relationship or work situation that no longer feels right? Ready to transition from playing small to taking up more space in life and love? Honey, this space was created for you.


During this interactive online class, our expert facilitator, Keonna Knight, will share how her shift from fear to faith helped her to transition from classroom teaching to full-time entrepreneurship, say "yes" to love after great loss and take the leap to solo travel across the world.


In this 1-hour class, Keonna breaks down clear action steps participants can take to overcome their fear and lean into their faith. She uses storytelling, creative visualization, journaling prompts and real-life examples to help participants:


(1) Reconnect to what they deeply desire and need

(2) Identify the block or old story getting in their way

(3) Uncover the fear underneath this block or old story

(4) Clarify what they need to say "yes" to in order to overcome fear

(5) Build a game plan (statement, story, systems and support) to start consistently saying "yes" to what they deeply desire and need


Whether you're struggling with fear in relationships, career, or personal growth, this event will provide you with valuable tools and insights to start silencing your inner critic and build the confidence to start saying "YES" to living.

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