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leadership training

Providing training and consulting that: (1) helps institutions and organizations integrate wellness into the culture of their communities and (2) teaches educators how to cultivate decolonized, liberated learning spaces

"I once read a statistic that claimed teachers make more decisions in a day than any profession second to air traffic controllers. With that demand, it is no wonder that teacher burnout results in thousands of teachers leaving the profession each year. That is where Heal with Keonna comes in. Keonna is an exceptional facilitator who partners with your teachers in a process of reflection to identify potential triggers before they happen and self-care strategies before they are needed. She also positions teachers to gently hold each other accountable creating a collective of self-care. I highly recommend Heal with Keonna for any and all school communities."

- Ashlee Gutierrez, Founding Principal at Caliber Beta Academy Upper School

The video above highlights a brief snippet from a wellness training provided for the educators and staff at Peter Paul Development Center.

Wellness for Change Makers

Are the change makers and helping professionals in your community more exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious than ever before? Here's an opportunity for staff and employees to learn how to take better care of themselves and each other during these difficult times. Participants leave this training more energized and equipped to prioritize their wellness, set and honor their boundaries and cultivate self-care and community care in their personal and professional lives. This is where change makers and helping professionals learn how to embody the care that they so effortlessly give to others.

The video above highlights a brief snippet from the "Decolonizing Your Curriculum" training I facilitated at the 2022 Academics 4 Black Lives Conference. Please do not use any aspects of this framework without permission.

Decolonizing Your Curriculum: Transformative Approaches to Cultivating Liberated, Learning Spaces

What does it mean to decolonize your curriculum? In this interactive training, participants have the opportunity to not only learn about the process of decolonizing their curriculum, but be a part of a liberated learning space themselves. Participants are invited to explore and engage in three transformative approaches to cultivating liberated learning spaces and gain practical tools for starting this process immediately.

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